Current Projects

  • Meadowbrook Park‘s Public Wifi System (2016 – Present) – Reconstruction of the public Wi-Fi system including, but not limited to: RF/Wi-Fi Channel Planning, Substitution of N standard Access Points for AC standard, Removal of 2.4GHz mesh connectivity and implementation of 5GHz/900MHz backbone, Video security system, Equipment monitoring and upgrades, responding to customer issues, and any IT issues that may arise.
  • (2015 – Present) – A website for Bascom Communications, Inc. based out of Bascom Ohio. Bascom Communications provides Fiber Internet, Wireless Internet, Fiber TV, Telephone service, and much more for parts of rural Ohio. I switched the website from old .htm files to an overhauled, shiny WordPress site.
  • (2015 – Present) – A website for the Ohio Rural Broadband Association: A consortium of independent telcos and CLECs who promote and serve rural areas of Ohio with Broadband.
  • (formally (2011 – Present) – A website created and hosted by Jordan Donaldson (that’s me!). I originally bought the domain to further my interest in web design and server deployment. I’ve come a long way since then.

Past Projects

  • Teach-N-Share (2013 – 2015) – An online message board for teachers to easily share ideas and projects for the classroom. I’m keeping ownership of the domain incase I want to pursue the idea again in the future.
  • EyeServe (2011-2013) – The business I ran. I specialized in computer/network repair and website development/deployment. EyeServe was many things throughout its lifetime, but its time to die finally came. I still own the domain and use it for different purposes.
  • (2013-2013) – A personal blog I helped a friend create. They no longer needed it so I let the domain expire.
  • Nation Simulation (2013-2013) – A short lived idea of a game. My goal was to replace the (at the time) dying Project Terra. I’m not a game programmer so this project was mainly just an idea. It was a fun idea while it lasted.
  • Dick Edmond Memorial Golf Outing Website (2012 – 2012)

Last Updated: April 10, 2018