Followup: Teach-N-Share in 2015

R.I.P. Teach-N-Share. It’s dead. Nobody used it.

R.I.P. T.N.S.

Ever since 2011, I had been working on Teach-N-Share off and on as a side project. Most of the teachers at my school did not care for it, although there were a few that always gave me hope. (Thanks, Mrs. Parkins, Mr. Heckler, and Mr. Acton!) Most of the people who walked by my makeshift booth at the eTech 2015 Conference didn’t care much for it. Most of the schools around my area, who were interested at one point, lost interest pretty quickly due to mandatory state testing. Thanks, Ohio.

As of today: Teach-N-Share is officially dead. The server that the forum software was running on kept crashing and freezing up. With every crash came more database corruptions. Some were fixable and some made the website run on its bare bones. After looking through the database, there’s too much corruption to attempt any sort of fix at this point.

And you know what? I’m okay with that. Teach-N-Share, just like any other project I’ve ever really worked on, needed to die. It seems to be a waste of my time at this point. I strongly believed this would be the year it would take off. Eh. Oh well.

Maybe it’ll return in the future if I hand the project off to one of my friends. Maybe I’ll get funding to actually deploy it to the state of Ohio. Maybe the world will never see it again. If I’ve learned anything over the last few months, it is to expect nothing. Things happen and change so quickly in my life.

The Teach-N-Share domain will eventually be used as a proof-of-concept website to show that free, easy-to-use teacher collaboration tools are needed in the education sector. For now it’ll be redirecting to

Until next time.

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